To the brave and faithful, nothing is difficult.

Vital Leadership our County Deserves 

Campaign platform

To revitalize the permit review system so the people of El Dorado County can effectively solve the housing crisis, taking "smart development" to the grassroots level.


Kevin has lived in the Tahoe area since 1991 and has witnessed the extreme growth in population and cost of living. He has built a career in project management, government affairs, and regulatory compliance.

the difference

A commitment to decisive action, resolving issues thoughtfully and proactively with energy and insight, delivering far more than mere words of support and presence as a face for the South County community. 

"Success is not a matter of mastering subtle, sophisticated theory but rather of embracing common sense with uncommon levels of discipline and persistence."

- Patrick Lencioni

The Reason for this Campaign

After moving to El Dorado County in 2018 with his wife Erin to start a family, Kevin began to pay attention to the workings of local government. Upon applying for permits to develop their land, he realized how disorganized the system had become.


With a background in project management and regulatory compliance, Kevin got involved as a concerned citizen attending County government meetings. It became clear that the Board of Supervisors is lacking decisive, intelligent leadership.


As residents struggle under soaring housing costs, grassroots efforts to solve the problem are inevitably lost within the labyrinth of permit review. We have an opportunity to overhaul this system and make El Dorado affordable again, but it will take smart, thoughtful, and energetic people like Kevin to lead the process. 

My Commitment

I promise to give the people of our County the attention they deserve, proactively solve problems, and do everything in my ability to improve our quality of life.


I commit to ensuring an accountable Board of Supervisors, owning the results of our decisions, without punting responsibility to anyone else.


I vow to uphold the values of our community and do everything I can to fix the housing crisis while maintaining our rural nature that brought us all here in the first place.